The Interview Wardrobe – How To Dress For An Interview

“Everybody knows how important first impressions are. But not everybody knows that the first impression is actually only a seven second window upon first meeting someone.” – Business Insider

This is why, the effort made when picking an outfit for your interview, is essential to the first impression you make.

Different companies and industries have various dress codes; therefore it’s important to do your research on the company’s culture and the role you are interviewing for, prior to picking your outfit. By visiting their website and social media pages, you can get a real good insight of this.

Here are a few tips on what should be kept in your interview wardrobe and what should definitely be chucked out!

Keep everything relative to the role you are applying for – For example, if you are interviewing for a creative design role, your interview outfit should reflect on your creative personality. However if you are interviewing for a senior financial management role, you need to portray that “role model” look, along with a splash of personality, showing the interviewer you are someone their staff could look up to, respect and work for.

Keep smart and professional, some companies let the candidates know that they are fairly casual in their dress code; this does not mean you should attend the interview in casual attire; you can never look too smart for an interview.

Keep your personal hygiene up to a high standard! This one may sound obvious but seriously, mouthwash twice on your interview morning! Ensure you hair is nice and clean and you have a fresh odour about you, but don’t overdo it!

Chuck out baggy and scruffy, this will never be acceptable in an interview, by wearing baggy clothes this will represent a laid back, lazy and lethargic work ethic. Scruffy represents dirty, and dirty is definitely not the first impression you will want to make.

Chuck out the chunky accessories, by wearing chunky earrings or a big chunky belt, this is taking the attention away from you as a person and your skills. We would recommend avoiding the lairy accessories.

Chuck out the big coats. So many people make a fantastic effort on their interview outfit, only to completely ruin in with a big puffy coat! We all know the weather gets cold, but take that big coat off before turning up to your interview.

You never know when a new opportunity will hit you in the face, but by having your interview wardrobe at the ready, you are always prepared for your next important meeting!