Thames Hospice Tour – They did it!

Thames Hospice Tour – They did it!

What an absolute honour it has been to know everyone at this place, the journey has been overwhelming, but one of pure gratefulness. Last week I was lucky enough to be shown around the brand new, state-of-the-art hospice; a project the Thames Hospice have been working on for many years now. 

I write this article with genuine appreciation and love for the care they provide, having experienced an intense stay here with my partner in the last weeks of his life in 2019. The team at the hospice offer an absolutely priceless gift to those in need, one of love, care, support and compassion.

This project has truly given them a place to thrive in what they are already incredible at.

“Quality of life, to the end of life, for everyone”

After over four years of planning, organising, designing, fundraising and building, Thames Hospice’s appeal to help build a new, larger hospice for its community has finally reached its goal with all services now able to run from the new facility.

They have created that safe place for patients and their families, offering not only care from a medical perspective, but from a personal and loving point of view. Here at the new hospice you have access to Therapy Services with physiotherapists that work with patients, wellbeing services, complementary therapy, counselling, bereavement support, an education Centre, a Café by the lake and shop for visitors. 

At this stage in your life I am a true believer that all you crave is the feeling of being safe, looked after and listened to. This hospice was the first and only place I feel really listened to us when we arrived at that crucial time of need, a time we felt hopeless. They changed Jamie’s life and made sure his last weeks were the best they could possibly be, in every way.

Trust and foundations, local organisations, community groups and thousands of local and influential people have either donated directly to the build, gardens or emergency appeals, shopped in their stores, introduced them to new supporters or arranged fundraising events of their own – with each one making their own contribution towards ‘Raising the Roof’ on the new hospice, all while keeping services running during a difficult time through the pandemic.

Congratulations to you all at the Hospice. It is sensational.