CV M.O.T – Has Your CV Had a Service Lately?

CV M.O.T – Has Your CV Had a Service Lately?

When was the last time you gave your CV a good “service”? Is it still as fresh and relevant as when you first wrote it a number of years ago? Or have you just added new job roles and hoped for the best?

Servicing your CV is essential if you want to be noticed amongst the crowd and not for the wrong reasons! Here are a few hints that will push you to the front of the pile – A bit like an interview, first impressions count!

Imagine YOU are the person looking for a new member of staff, you could have a pile of CVs to select from, and so you may only be taking a minute or two to view each CV.

  1. Are you interested in the CV? Do you want to read more?
  2. What do you like about it?
    • Is it easy to read and well laid out?
    • Is it relevant to the job?
    • Can you find all the important information you are looking for?
  1. What do you not like about it?
    • Too long/short?
    • Can’t find specific details?
    • Is it messy – different fonts and styles?
    • Are there lots of unanswered questions?
  1. Does this person have the skills and story that will fit your needs and culture?
  2. Do you want to find out more?
    • CVs are a bit like holiday brochures – you only want to find out more if the basics stand out i.e. right country, type of hotel

NOW you have your first impression on this CV as a hiring manager, its time to look for the nitty gritty…

  1. Are you getting a good vibe about this person by the way their duties are described?
    • Their personal interests?
    • Specific details about them?
    • How they overcome challenges and show they are passionate about their job?
  2. Do they have the key skills and are they using the correct terminology?
  3. Do they pay attention to detail?
    • Spelling, repetition, facts and grammar

In simple terms – would you interview this person?

If you need help “Servicing” your CV we would love to hear from you!