Key skills your Finance Manager needs to boost your start up!

Key skills your Finance Manager needs to boost your start up!

Your company is growing and it’s a really exciting time.  So much potential, great feedback from your clients and new team members seem to be appearing weekly!!

If you are at the point where you now know you need a full time Financial Controller, here are three extra things you may not have thought of:

Being ACCA/CIMA qualified and having solid accounting experience is, of course, essential and you will get a good FC from these criteria alone.  But you don’t just want good ….  you need GREAT, don’t you?  You have built this company from scratch and felt every nook and cranny along the way.  You know every invoice and every penny laid out.  You’ve loved it and nurtured it to where it is today and letting go can be hard.

Consider these 3 extra attributes:

  1. Do they love your “baby” as much as you?  Are they passionate about your product or super excited about your service?  This person will be critical to your ongoing growth, so they need to be all in.  Delve deep into their knowledge of your market and how they feel they can add value.  
  2. Can they talk to people?  Sounds basic right, but believe me there are some great number crunchers out there, with qualifications coming out of their ears but they can’t persuade a sales team that some deals are not financially viable.  They can’t explain pricing to Managers, and they sure can’t present to a Board of Directors!! A super communicative FD will help you with clients, marketing and recruitment.
  3. Are they creative?  Bit of an odd skill for a Finance person you might think…  Not with start-ups.  You are going to need their imagination more than you think and I don’t mean “cooking the books”.   This person will be your 2nd in command (or pretty close), and during lean times you will need them to make your money go far.  In fruitful times you will need their guidance on what is worth investing in and what is not.

Well done for having built your business to this point. 

If you would like help with finding that perfect FD, you are in the right place, get in touch with one of our consultants.